The idea of money is always an interesting one, it seems so simple, it’s either you have it or not; happy or sad, same thing. One side of the spectrum says money can’t buy you happiness while others plead that money is the end all cure for sadness. In my short pursuits for this eternal chase for obtaining capital in a Capitalist’s society I have found that money actually does provide happiness. Obviously someone can easily say I am too young and na├»ve to believe this but I very much disagree with them and here is my main argument:

Growing up during the apex of the digital age has allowed Generation Z to be the most well-informed generation as well as one of the most distracted. This exposure to the internet has allowed people to be heavily exposed to the idea of materialism through the internet’s many resources. The biggest offender in my opinion would obviously have to be the Social media platforms and mainstream media. I find myself continuously being tricked by others to feed into this idea of materialism through the lens of the most rich and famous people. One small example of this was when I went on Instagram recently, and stumbled across “THE” Kendall Jenner posing in front of a 2020 Lamborghini Urus. There was no issue with the photo itself, I think she is a very attractive model and that is a very attractive car behind her but here is the problem, it made me think to myself “I want that car, what would I have to do to get it?”. Money of course! Then I asked the question, why do I need this car, I am nowhere near the financial stability to own something like this but I knew I wanted it. This completely highlights the problem that many others also find themselves in, which is an updated version of American materialism at its finest.

I do not have an issue with going on these Social media apps such as Instagram with the intent to see pretty things and high luxury goods for pleasure or to become motivated, I think the issue is how this exposure has led to many people having a distorted perspective of what they view money can give them and how it can better their lives through material gains. It is a fact that those who experience extrinsic materialism gain do not become happy. Finding meaning through intrinsic values is considered the way to pave your life in order to be happy.